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Income & Expense Categories

Descriptions for income & expense categories displayed in charts:


  • Food & Beverage: expenses for meals, receptions, banquets, entertainment for attendees
  • Program/Publications: speaker reimbursement, program committee expenses, submission system, honorariums, travel grants
  • On-Site Logistics: audio/visual, networking, posters, busing, room attrition, meeting space rental, shipping
  • Allocation: overhead, to SIGCHI.
  • Conference Committee: travel, meals, lodging, gifts
  • Conference Management: professional support, including travel and expenses
  • Financial: credit card processing fees, cancellation insurance, VAT
  • Publicity: conference website, design work, printing of CFP, AP, FP, domain fees
  • Exhibits: professional support, decorator costs, shipping
  • Registration: professional support, system fees, badges, ribbons, lanyards, bags, giveaways
  • Meeting Room: meeting space rental
  • Workshop/Tutorials: printed notes, audio/visual, food and beverage, honorariums, supplies
  • Dev. Fund: SIGCHI Development Fund


  • Registration: revenue from attendance for main conference activities
  • Corporate Support: contributions from companies or universities supporting the activities of the conference
  • Workshops/Tutorials: revenue from attendance of workshop/tutorial-only activities
  • Merchandise/On-Site Sales: t-shirts, USBs, mugs, other schwag
  • Exhibits: revenue from companies or universities for space on the exhibit floor
  • Tutorials: revenue from attendance for tutorial-only activities
  • Misc/Other: grants from the locale, reception tickets
  • SIGCHI: SIGCHI funding to cover a conference financial loss


  • ACM or SIGCHI member: reduced registration fee for ACM or SIGCHI members
  • Non-member: full registration fee for general attendance
  • Student: reduced registration fee for students
  • Workshop: additional registration fee for workshop attendees
  • Complimentary: complimentary registration for student volunteers, etc.


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