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DIS 1997 Details

DIS 1997 was held from August 18-20 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Table of Contents


Conference Co-chairs

Ian McClelland

Gary Olson

Technical Program Co-chairs

Gerrit van der Veer

Austin Henderson

Organizing Committee

Allan MacLean

Alistair Sutcliffe

Wendy Kellogg

John Karat

Jack Carroll

Program Committee

Bob Anderson

David Benyon

Susanne Bødker

Ruven Brooks

George Casady

Gillian Crampton-Smith

Ernest Edmonds

Gerhard Fischer

Paul Gough

Ashok Gupta

Bill Hefley

John Hughes

Simon Kaplan

Kari Kuutti

John Long

Marilyn Mantei

Wendy Mackay

Tom Moran

Neville Moray

Judith Olson

Fabio Paterno

Colin Potts

Paul Rankin

John Rheinfrank

Tom Rodden

Mary Beth Rosson

Tom Stewart

Michael Tauber

DIS 1997 Attendance

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DIS 1997 Expenses

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