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CSCW 2010

CSCW 2010 was held from February 6–10 in Savannah, GA.

Table of Contents


Conference Co-Chairs

Kori Inkpen Microsoft Research

Carl Gutwin University of Saskatchewan

Technical Program Chair

John C. Tang Microsoft Research

Papers & Notes Co-Chairs

Steve Whittaker University of Sheffield

Elizabeth F. Churchill Yahoo! Research


Stephen Hayne Colorado State University

Panels Chair

Judith Olson University Of California, Irvine

Workshops Co-Chairs

Kenton O’Hara CSIRO

David Pinelle National Research Council of Canada

Gilly Leshed Cornell University

Videos Co-Chairs

Hideaki Kuzuoka University of Tsukuba

Cliff Lampe Michigan State University

Interactive Posters Co-Chairs

Regan Mandryk University of Saskatchewan

Darren Gergle Northwestern University

Demonstrations Co-Chairs

Jeremy Birnholtz Cornell University

Luigina Ciolfi University of Limerick

Doctoral Colloquium Co-Chairs

Tom Rodden University of Nottingham

Gillian Hayes University of California, Irvine

CSCW Horizon Co-Chairs

Li-Te Cheng IBM Research

Louise Barkhuus University of California, San Diego

Madness Chair

Shaowen Bardzell Indiana University

Awards Chair

Pamela Hinds Stanford University

Publications Co-Chairs

Danyel Fisher Microsoft Research

Petra Isenberg University of Calgary

Aleksandra Sarcevic Rutgers University

Publicity Co-Chairs

Scott Counts Microsoft Research

Tom Gross Bauhaus-University Weimar

Industry Liason Co-Chairs

Bo Begole PARC

Steven Poltrock Boeing

A/V & Computing Co-Chairs

Sasa Junuzovic University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Brian Meyers Microsoft Research

Student Volunteers Co-Chairs

Ilaria Liccardi University of Southampton

Gary Hsieh Carnegie Mellon University

Webmaster & Graphic Design Chair

Kurt Luther Georgia Institute of Technology

Associate Chairs

Mark Ackerman University Of Michigan

Daniel Avrahami Intel Research

Jakob Bardram IT University of Copenhagen

Jeffrey Bardzell Indiana University

Shaowen Bardzell Indiana University

Louise Barkhuus University of California, San Diego

Michel Beaudouin-Lafon University of Paris

Olav Bertelsen Aarhus University

Jeanette Blomberg IBM Research

Barry Brown University of California, San Diego

Dan Cosley Cornell University

Giorgio De Michelis University of Milano-Bicocca

Anind Dey Carnegie Mellon University

Danyel Fisher Microsoft Research

Sue Fussell Cornell University

Darren Gergle Northwestern University

Tom Gross Bauhaus-University Weimar

Jeff Hancock Cornell University

Jim Herbsleb Carnegie Mellon University

Oskar Juhlin Stockholm University

Jofish Kaye Nokia Research

Dave Kirk University of Nottingham

Hideaki Kuzuoka University of Tsukuba

Cliff Lampe Michigan State University

Liz Lawley Rochester Institute of Technology

Wendy Mackay INRIA

Gloria Mark University of California, Irvine

David Millen IBM Research

Merrie Morris Microsoft Research

Mor Namaan Rutgers University

Les Nelson PARC

Mark Newman University of Michigan

Gary Olson University of California, Irvine

Judith Olson University of California, Irvine

Antti Oulasvirta Helsinki Institute for Information Technology

Dave Randall Manchester Metropolitan University

Madhu Reddy The Pennsylvania State University

Tom Rodden University of Nottingham

Carla Simone University of Milano-Bicocca

Sun Chengzheng Nanyang Technical University

Michael Twidale University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign

Gina Venolia Microsoft Research

Leon Watts University of Bath

Chen Zhao Microsoft Research

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