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CSCW 2000

CSCW 2000 was held from December 2-6 in Philadelphia, PA.

Table of Contents


Conference Co-Chairs

Wendy Kellogg, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Steve Whittaker, AT&T Labs – Research


Loren Terveen, AT&T Labs – Research

Technical Program


Mark Ackerman, University of California Irvine

Chris Schmandt, MIT Media Lab

Doctoral Colloquium

Robert Kraut, CMU Human Computer Interaction Institute


Bonnie Nardi, AT&T Labs – Research

Victor Kaptelinin, Dept. of Informatics, Umeå University


Paul Dourish, University of California Irvine

Sara Kiesler, CMU Human Computer Interaction Institute


Tom Finholt, Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work, University of Michigan

Elena Rocco, Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work, University of Michigan


Andreas Girgensohn, FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Alison Lee, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Christine Halverson, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Yvonne Rogers, School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, University of Sussex


A/V and Computing Support

Jonathan Munson, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Alaa Youssef, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Electronic Publishing

Scott Mainwaring, Intel Corporation

Local Arrangements

Lew Hassell, College of Information Science and Technology, Drexel University

William Regli, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Drexel University


David G. Durand, Dynamic Diagrams


George Engelbeck, Active Voice


Tom Smith, AT&T Labs – Research


Julie Griffiths, Convention Services Northwest

Student Volunteers

Brian Amento, AT&T Labs – Research

James “Bo” Begole, Sun Microsystems Laboratories



Alisa D. Rivkin, ACM


Hideaki Kuzuoka, Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Systems, University of Tsukuba


Toni Robertson, School of Computing Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney


Andrew Monk, Dept. of Psychology, York University


Joan Greenbaum, City College of New York


Loren Terveen, AT&T Labs – Research


Stephen Hayne, Colorado State University

Industrial Liaisons

Kate Ehrlich, Viant

Steven Poltrock, The Boeing Company

Papers Program Committee

Mark Ackerman, University of California Irvine

Jakob Bardram, IBM Denmark

Victoria Bellotti, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

Tora Bikson, RAND Corporation

Susan Brennan, State University of New York, Stonybrook

Prasun Dewan, University of North Carolina

Judith Donath, MIT Media Lab

Keith Edwards, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

Tom Erickson, IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Geraldine Fitzpatrick, University of Queensland

Antonietta Grasso, Xerox Research Center Europe

Rebecca Grinter, Lucent Bell Laboratories

Christine Halverson, SRI International

Richard Harper, University of Surrey

Scott Hudson, Carnegie Mellon University

Bob Kraut, Carnegie Mellon University

James Landay, University of California Berkeley

Alison Lee, IBM TJ Watson Research Center

Paul Luff, Kings College London

Wendy Mackay, Aarhus University

Gloria Mark, University of California Irvine

Gary Olson, University of Michigan

Judy Olson, University of Michigan

Leysia Palen, University of Colorado

John Patterson, Lotus Development Corporation

Jun Rekimoto, Sony Corporation

Paul Resnick, University of Michigan

Tom Rodden, Lancaster University

Chris Schmandt, MIT Media Lab

Randy Smith, Sun Microsystems Inc.

John Tang, Sun Microsystems Inc.

Loren Terveen, AT&T Labs – Research

Jonathan Trevor, FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Ina Wagner, Vienna Technical University

Paper Reviewers

Mark Ackerman, University of California Irvine

Gregory Abowd, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alice Agogino, University of California Berkeley

Alessandra Agostini, University of Milano Bicocca

Brian Amento, AT&T Labs – Research

Anne Anderson, University of Glasgow

Paul Aoki, Xerox PARC

Michelle Bacigalupi, Oracle

Liam Bannon, University of Limerick

Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, University of Paris-Sud

James “Bo” Begole, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Rachel Bellamy, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Steve Benford, University of Nottingham

Richard Bentley, Apama

Mark Bergman, University of California Irvine

Thomas Berlage, GMD

Olav Bertelsen, Aarhus University

Sara Bly, Sara Bly Consulting

Richard Boardman, Imperial College

Susanne Bødker, Aarhus University

Jan O. Borchers, Darmstadt University of Technology

Uwe Borghoff, Universität der Bundeswehr München

Dan Boyarski, Carnegie Mellon University

Erin Bradner, University of California Irvine

Lee Breslau, AT&T Research

Barry Brown, Hewlett Packard Research

Amy Bruckman, Georgia Institute of Technology

Simon Buckingham Shum, Open University

Graham Button, Xerox Research Centre Europe

J.J. Cadiz, Microsoft Research

John Canny, University of California Berkeley

Wendy Caroll, IBM

John M. Carroll, Virginia Tech

Peter Carstensen, The IT University of Copenhagen

Michelle Cart, University of Montpellier II

Justine Cassell, MIT Media Lab

Stefania Castellani, Xerox Research Centre Europe

Matthew Chalmers, University of Glasgow

Ed Chi, Xerox PARC

Kathleen Christensen, Sloan Foundation

Elizabeth Churchill, FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Christian Spliid Clausen, University of Aarhus

Geoff Cooper, University of Surrey

James O. Coplien, Bell Laboratories

Mauricio Cortes, Bell Labs Lucent Technologies

Steve Cousins, Xerox PARC

Lisa Covi, Rutgers University

Lorrie Cranor, AT&T Research

Davor Cubranic, University of British Columbia

Jonathon Cummings, Carnegie Mellon University

Helen Cunningham, Sun Microsystems

Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research

Catalina Danis, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Rudy Darken, Naval Postgraduate School

Mark Day, SightPath

Laurent Daynes, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Giorgio De Michelis, University of Milano – Bicocca

Dominique Decouchant, CNRS

Monica Divitini, University of Trondheim

Alan Dix, Lancaster University

Steven Drucker, Microsoft Research

Nicolas Ducheneaut, University of California Berkeley

David Durand, Dynamic Diagrams

Kate Ehrlich, Viant

Clarence “Skip” Ellis, University of Colorado Boulder

Ana Maria Martinez Enriquez, CINVESTAV-IPN

Alberto Espanosa, Carnegie Mellon University

J.D. Eveland, California School of Professional Psychology

Venetia Evergeti, University of Surrey

Jesus Favela, Ciencias de la Computacion Centro CICESE

Scott Feld, Louisiana State University

Christer Fernstrom, Xerox Research Centre Europe

Jean Ferrie, University of Montpellier II

Sally Fincher, University of Kent at Canterbury

Thomas Finholt, University of Michigan

Ludwin Fuchs, The Boeing Company

Richard Furuta, Texas A&M University

Judi Fusco, SRI International

Susan Fussell, Carnegie Mellon University

Kelly Garrett, University of Michigan

William W. Gaver, Royal College of Art

Andreas Girgensohn, FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Natalie Glance, Xerox Research Centre Europe

Charles Goodwin, University of California Los Angeles

Gil Gordon, Gil Gordon Associates

Andy Gorman, University of Colorado at Boulder

Esa Granlund, Ericsson Radio Systems AB

Saul Greenberg, University of Calgary

Christian Grieffenhagen, University of Oxford

Tom Gross, GMD

Jonathan Grudin, Microsoft Research

Dan Gruen, Lotus Research

Carl Gutwin, University of Saskatchewan

Lynne Hamill, University of Surrey

Jed Harris, Mindloom

Steve Harrison, Xerox PARC

Christian Heath, King’s College London

Austin Henderson, Rivendel Consulting & Design, Inc.

Scott Henninger, University of Nebraska Lincoln

James Herbsleb, Bell Labs Lucent Technologies

Susan Herring, Indiana University

Jon Hindmarsh, Kings College London

Pamela Hinds, Stanford University

Debby Hindus, Interval Research

Jason Hong, University of California Berkeley

Kristina Höök, SICS

Dan Horn, University of Michigan

William S. Horton, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Tom Hudson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kori Inkpen, Simon Frasier University

Ellen Isaacs, AT&T Labs

Tawfik Jelassi, Euro-Arab Management School

Rachel Jones, Sapient

Anthony Joseph, University of California Berkeley

Thomas Jung, GMD

Simon Kaplan, University of Queensland

Andrea Kavanaugh, Virginia Tech

Wendy Kellogg, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Finn Kensing, The IT University of Copenhagen

Yoshifumi Kitamura, Osaka University

Scott Klemmer, University of California Berkeley

Thomas Koch, GMD

Michael Koch, Technische Universität München

Shinichi Konomi, University of Colorado

Steiner Kristoffersen, Newmad Technologies

Kari Kuutti, Helsinki University of Technology

Ko Kuwabara, University of Michigan

Hideaki Kuzuoka, University of Tsukuba

Alison Lee, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Du Li, University of California Los Angeles

Francis Li, University of California Berkeley

Fredrik Ljungberg, Newmad Technologies

Wayne Lutters, University of California Irvine

Allan MacLean, Xerox Research Centre Europe

Paul Maglio, IBM Almaden Research Center

Jens Maigaard, University of Aarhus

Scott Mainwaring, Intel Corporation

Jennifer Mankoff, Georgia Institute of Technology

Lydia Mann, Holy Names College

Tim Mansfield, University of Queensland

John Mariani, Lancaster University

Susan McDaniel, University of Michigan

David McDonald, University of California Irvine

Todd Miller, Georgia Institute of Technology

Scott Minneman, Xerox PARC

Andrew Monk, University of York

Tom Moran, Xerox PARC

Neville Moray, University of Surrey

Anders Morch, University of Bergen

Richard Moreland, University of Pittsburgh

Jonathan Munson, IBM

Richard Muntz, University of California Los Angeles

Ged Murtagh, University of Surrey

Brad Myers, Carnegie Mellon University

Jin-Cheon Na, Texas A&M University

Kumiyo Nakakoji, NAIST

Bonnie Nardi, AT&T Labs – Research

Christine Neuwirth, Carnegie Mellon University

Mark Newman, Xerox PARC

Andrew Nierman, University of Michigan

Takahiko Nomura, Fuji Xerox

David Novick, University of Texas at El Paso

Jon O’Brien, Xerox Research Centre Europe

Vicki O’Day, University of California Santa Cruz

Kenton O’Hara, Appliance Studio

Dan Olsen, Brigham Young University

Frangois Pacull, Xerox Research Centre Europe

Christopher R. Palmer, Carnegie Mellon University

Robert L. Pannoni, Rapport Systems

Jennifer Perkins, University of Michigan

Steven Poltrock, The Boeing Company

Tom Postmes, University of Amsterdam

Atul Prakash, University of Michigan

Wolfgang Prinz, GMD

Devina Ramduny-Ellis, Lancaster University

Dave Randall, Manchester Metropolitan University

Michael Ranney, University of California Berkeley

Anne V. Ratzer, University of Aarhus

Achut Reddy, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Matthias Ressel, UBS AG

John Riedl, University of Minnesota

Toni Robertson, University of Technology Sydney

Mike Robinson, University of Jyväskylä

Elena Rocco, University of Venice

Yvonne Rogers, University of Sussex

Steven L. Rohall, Lotus Development Corporation

Jeremy Roschelle, SRI International

Mark Roseman, TeamWave

Mark Rouncefield, University of Lancaster

Vassil Roussev, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Walt Scacchi, University of California Irvine

Suzanne K. Schaefer, University of California Irvine

Patricia Schank, SRI International

Eric Scharff, University of Colorado Boulder

Bill Schilit, FX Palo Alto Laboratory

Mark Schlager, SRI International

Hans Schlichter, Technische Universität München

Kjeld Schmidt, Technical University of Denmark

Michael Schober, New School University

John Senders, University of Toronto

Carlo Sequin, University of California Berkeley

Frank Shipman, Texas A&M University

Jane Siegel, Carnegie Mellon University

Carla Simone, Universtita di Torino

Michael J. Sipusic, Kent Ridge Digital Labs

Chuan-Fong (Eric) Shih, University of California Irvine

Ian Smith, Xerox PARC

Gareth Smith, Lancaster University

Marc Smith, Microsoft Research

Hyong Sop Shim, Telcordia Technologies

Mike Spreitzer, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Lee Sproull, New York University

Leigh Star, University of California San Diego

Anthony Steed, University College London

Matthew Stone, Rutgers

David Stotts, University of North Carolina

Norbert Streitz, GMD

Lucy Suchman, Lancaster University

Yasuyuki Sumi, ATR MI&C Research Labs

Chengzeng Sun, Griffith University

Yngve Sundblad, KTH

Hiroyuki Tarumi, Kyoto University, Japan

Deborah Tatar, SRI International

Alex Taylor, University of Surrey

Stephanie Teasley, University of Michigan

Marvin Theimer, Microsoft Research

Michael Thomsen, Aarhus University

Konrad Tollmar, KTH

Randy Trigg, The Global Fund for Women

Nicolas Vidot, University of Montpellier II

Hannes Vilhjalmsson, MIT Media Lab

John Walsh, University of Illinois at Chicago

Amy Warner, University of Michigan

Jim Warren, University of South Australia

Roberto Weber, Carnegie Mellon University

Barry Wellman, University of Toronto

Jack Whalen, Xerox PARC

Marilyn Whalen, Xerox PARC

Jim Whitehead, University of California Irvine

Steve Whittaker, AT&T Labs – Research

Mikael Wiberg, Umeå University

Gerd Woetzle, GMD

Allison Woodruff, Xerox PARC

Volker Wulf, University of Bonn

Nicole Yankelovich, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Phillip M. Yelland, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Alex Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology

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