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CHI 2017 Details

CHI 2017 was held from May 6-11 in Denver, Colorado.

Table of Contents


Conference Chairs

Gloria Mark, University of California, Irvine

Susan Fussell, Cornell University

Assistant to General Chairs

Yiran Wang, University of California, Irvine

Senior Technical Program Chair

Cliff Lampe, University of Michigan

Technical Program Chair

m.c. schraefel, University Southampton

Assistant to the Chairs

Lindsay Blackwell, University of Michigan

Papers Chairs

Juan Pablo Hourcade, University of Iowa

Daniel Wigdor, University of Toronto

Caroline Appert, LRI

Assistant to Papers Chairs

Michael Glueck, University of Toronto

alt.chi Chairs

Karrie Karahalios, University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

Janet Vertesi, Princeton University

Jessa Lingel, University of Pennsylvania

Case Studies Chairs

Amy Voida, University of Colorado Boulder

Susan Dray, Dray Associates

Courses Chairs

Erik Andersen, Cornell University

Max Wilson, University of Nottingham

Hilary Hutchinson, Google

Demos Chairs

Ido Guy, Yahoo

Stephen Voida, University of Colorado Boulder

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Anna Cox, University College London

Jeff Bigham, Carnegie Mellon University

Interactive Installations Chairs

Adrian Friday, Lancaster University

Shengdong Zhao, National University of Singapore

Late Breaking Work Chairs

Bryan Semaan, Syracuse University

Sharon Ding, Fudan University

Fanis Tsandilas, INRIA

Ingrid Erikson, Rutgers University

Panels Chairs

Sarita Schoenebeck, University of Michigan

Jude Yew, National University of Singapore

Student Design Competition Chairs

Joonhwan Lee, Seoul National University

Scott Minneman, California College of Arts

Student Game Competition Chairs

Floyd Mueller, RMIT University

Josh Tanenbaum, University of California, Irvine

Student Research Competition Chairs

Jeremy Birnholtz, Northwestern University

Jenn Thom, Amazon

Special Interest Groups Chairs

Lindsay Reynolds, Facebook

Bert Scerbo, Disney

Video Showcase Chairs

Catherine Letondal, ENAC

Danyel Fisher, Microsoft Research

Workshops Chairs

Shamsi Iqbal, Microsoft Research

Duncan Brumby, University College London

Christopher Frauenberger, Vienna University of Technology, Austria

Art Chairs

Andruid Kerne, Texas A&M University

Thecla Schiphorst, Simon Fraser University

CHI Stories Chairs

Nazanin Andalibi, Drexel University

Nick Diakopoulos, University of Maryland, College Park

Andrea Forte, Drexel University

Misa Maruyama, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Scott Robertson, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Career Development Workshop Chairs

Michael Muller, IBM Research

Luigina Ciolfi, Sheffield Hallam University

Student Volunteer Chairs

Anna Kötteritzsch, Universität der Bundeswehr München

Patrick Carrington, University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Journals Chair (To Social Computing)

David McDonald, University of Washington

Awards Chair

Steven Drucker, Microsoft

Social Impact Awards Chair

Leysia Palen , University of Colorado Boulder

Accessibility Chairs

Sean Goggins, Missouri University

Shaun Kane, University of Colorado Boulder

Erin Brady, Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

Data Chair

Boyu Gao, Konkuk University

Diversity and Inclusivity Lunch Chairs

Anke Brock, Inria Bordeaux

Allison Druin, University of Maryland

Gopinaath Kannabiran, Indiana University, Bloomington

Language Inclusion Chair

Tilman Dingler, University of Stuttgart

Local Arrangements Chairs

Jed Brubaker, University of Colorado Boulder

Tom Yeh, University of Colorado Boulder

Social Impact Chairs

Kathy Baxter, Salesforce

Elizabeth Gerber, Northwestern University

Jill Woelfer, Google

Social Media Chairs

Bart Knijnenburg, Clemson University

Vicky McArthur, University of Toronto Mississauga

Dan Afergan, Google

Telepresence Chairs

Min Kyung Lee, Carnegie Mellon University

Translations Chairs

Naomi Yamashita, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone

Hao-Chuan Wang, National Tsing Hua University

Logo Design/Artwork

Jia Zhang, MIT Media Lab

Web Designer

Xiying Wang, Cornell University


Nitesh Goyal, Cornell University

ACM Liaison

Farrah Khan, ACM

CMC Liaison

Scooter Morris, University of California, San Francisco

Conference Manager

Janeé Pelletier, Conference & Logistics Consultants, Inc.

Logistics Manager

Allison Perrelli, Conference & Logistics Consultants, Inc.


Bobby Beaton


Yvonne Lopez, Executive Events, Inc.

Sponsorship and Exhibits

Carol Klyver, Foundations of Excellence

Technical Liaison

Sara Drenner, BI Worldwide

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