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CHI 2009 Details

CHI 2009 was held from April 4-9 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Table of Contents


Conference Chair

Dan R. Olsen, Brigham Young University

Conference Chair Assistant

Richard B. Arthur, Brigham Young University

Panels Chair

Beth Mynatt, GVU Center at Georgia Tech

Student Volunteer Chairs

Nicolai Marquardt, University of Calgary

Sara Drenner, University of Minnesota

Technical Program Chairs

Ken Hinckley, Microsoft Research

Meredith Ringel Morris, Microsoft Research

Papers Chairs

Scott Hudson, HCI Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Saul Greenberg, University of Calgary

Courses Chairs

Steven Poltrock, The Boeing Company

Garett Dworman, Tec-Ed, Inc.

Interactivity Chairs

Gonzalo Ramos, Microsoft LiveLabs

Anastasia Bezerianos, NICTA & École Centrale Paris

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Bonnie John, Carnegie Mellon

Gilbert Cockton, University of Sunderland, England

Workshops Chairs

Rob Jacob, Tufts University

Mark Handel, Boeing

Tara Matthews, IBM

Works in Progress Chairs

Carl Gutwin, University of Saskatchewan

Regan Mandryk, University of Saskatchewan

Student Design Competition Chairs

Jon Kolko, frog design

Mike Glaser, Drexel

Student Research Competition Chairs

Rob Miller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Joanna McGrenere, University of British Columbia

alt.chi Chairs

Azam Khan, Autodesk Research

Tovi Grossman, Autodesk Research

alt.chi Webmaster

Michael Glueck, Autodesk Research

Special Interest Groups Chairs

Jeff Pierce, IBM Research

James (“Jimmy”) Lin, IBM Research

Video Showcase Chairs

Ed H. Chi, PARC


Jeff Nichols, IBM Research

Mira Dontcheva, Adobe Advanced Technology Labs

Design Chairs

Robert Fabricant, frog design

Anijo Mathew, Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology

Mark Baskinger, Carnegie Mellon University – School of Design

User Experience and Usability Chairs

Susan Dray, Dray & Associates, Inc.

Arnold “Arnie” Lund, Microsoft Corporation

Chauncey Wilson

Elizabeth Buie, Luminanze Consulting, LLC

Engineering Chairs

Bonnie John, Carnegie Mellon

Scooter Morris, University of California, San Francisco

Design Director

Oscar Murillo, Microsoft Corporation

Chris Kim

Advertising and Communications Chairs

Tessa A. Lau, IBM Research

Eben Haber, IBM Research

Technical Liaison

Scooter Morris, University of California, San Francisco

William R. Hazelwood, Indiana University

Proceedings Chairs

Bongshin Lee, Microsoft Research

Nathalie Henry, Microsoft Research


Carol Klyver

CMC Liaison

Gerrit van der Veer, Vrije Universiteit

ACM Staff Liaison

Brooke Hardy, ACM

Conference Logistics

Janeé Pelletier, C&LC


Yvonne Lopez, Executive Events

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