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CHI 2007 Details

CHI 2007 was held from April 27- May 3 in San Jose, California.

Table of Contents


Conference Chair

Mary Beth Rosson

Technical Program Chair

David Gilmorechi

Conference Chair’s Administrator

Helena Mentis

Communications Chair

Marta Rey-Babarro

Paper Co-Chairs

Bo Begole

Steve Payne

Notes Co-Chairs

Elizabeth Churchill

Rob St. Amant

Workshops Co-Chairs

Margaret Burnett

JJ Cadiz

Courses Co-Chairs

Jean Scholtz

Susan Palmiter

Interactivity Co-Chairs

Lars Erik Holmquist

Tom Igoe

Works-in-Progress Co-Chairs

Catalina Danis

Scott McCrickard

Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs

Deborah Tatar

Tom Rodden

Student Design Competition

Steven A. Wall

Ilona Posner

Student Research Competition

Kori Inkpen

Rob Miller

Education Co-Chairs

Scott Berkun

Charles van der Mast

Design Co-Chairs

Jon Kolko

Bill Lucas

Usability Co-Chairs

Carol Righi

Janice James

Engineering Co-Chairs

Alan Blackwell

Scooter Morris

Management Co-Chairs

Scott Berkun

Jeremy Ashley

alt.chi Co-Chairs

Lars Erik Holmquist

Barry Brown

Mentoring Co-Chairs

Michael Muller

Kumiyo Nakakoji

Student Volunteer Co-Chairs

Cliff Lampe

Kirstie Hawkey

CHI Madness Co-Chairs

Patrick Baudisch

Gonzalo Ramos

Sponsors & Exhibits Coordinator

Carol Klyver

ePublications Coordinator

Joshua B. Gross

Technology Liaison

Scooter Morris

Online Community Designer

Dejin Zhao

Print Publications Co-Chairs

Lana Krolikowski

Kathy Seyama

Local Arrangements Chair

Jennifer Gove

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