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CHI 2006 Details

CHI 2006 was held from April 22-27 in Montreal, Canada.

Table of Contents


Conference Chair

Gary Olson, U of Michigan, USA

Conference Chair’s Administrator

Marta Rey-Babarro, U of Michigan, USA

Technical Program Chair

Robin Jeffries, Google, USA

Papers Co-Chairs

Tom Rodden, U of Nottingham, UK

Rebecca Grinter, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

CHI Notes Co-Chairs

Paul Aoki, PARC, USA

Ed Cutrell, Microsoft Research, USA

Education Co-Chairs

Jim Foley, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Jenny Preece, U of Maryland, USA

Design Co-Chairs

David Gilmore, Intel, USA

Kristina Hook, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden

Usability Co-Chairs

Janice Rohn, World Savings Bank, USA

Stephanie Rosenbaum, Tec-Ed, USA

Engineering Co-Chairs

William Newman, Microsoft / University College London

Bonnie John, Carnegie Mellon U, USA

Management Co-Chairs

Austin Henderson, Pitney-Bowes, USA

James Euchner, Pitney-Bowes, USA

Research Chair

Robin Jeffries, Google, USA

Courses Co-Chairs

Tom Hewett, Drexel U, USA

Mike Atwood, Drexel U, USA

Workshop Co-Chairs

Deborah Tatar, Virginia Tech U, USA

Steve Harrison, Virginia Tech U, USA

Interactivity Co-Chairs

Jan Borchers, RWTH Aachen U, Germany

Eric Lee, RWTH Aachen U, Germany

Experience Reports Chair

Jim Miller, Miramontes Computing, US

Student Design Competition Co-Chairs

Elizabeth Churchill, PARC, USA

Steven Wall, U Glasgow, UK

Doctoral Consortium Chair

Jack Carroll, Penn State U, USA

Work-in-Progress Co-Chairs

Dan Horn, U.S. Army Research Institute, USA

Erika Orrick, GE Healthcare Information Technologies, USA

Mentoring Co-Chairs

Steve Whittaker, Sheffield U, UK

Elizabeth Churchill, PARC, USA

alt.chi Chair

Sidney Fels, U of British Columbia, Canada

Madness Chair

Patrick Baudisch, Microsoft, USA

Best of CHI Awards Chair

Jim Miller, Miramontes Computing, USA

ACM SIGCHI Program Director

Erica Johnson, ACM, USA

Blogging Chair

mc schraefel, U of Southampton, UK

e-Publications Chair

Libby Hemphill, U of Michigan, USA

Print Publications Co-Chairs

Kathy Seyama, Nokia, USA

Marta Rey-Babarro, U of Michigan, USA

Lana Krolikowski, Comcast, USA

Sponsors & Exhibits Coordinator

Carol Klyver, Foundations of Excellence, USA

Student Volunteers Co-Chairs

Cliff Lampe, U of Michigan, USA

Mark Handel, The Boeing Company, USA

Technology Liaison

Scooter Morris, U of California, San Francisco, USA

ACM SIGCHI Vice Chair for Conferences

Dennis Wixon, Microsoft, USA

Montreal Liaison

Jean-Marc Robert, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada

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