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CHI 2003 Details

CHI 2003 was held from April 5-10 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Table of Contents


Conference & Technical Program Co-Chairs

Gilbert Cockton, University of Sunderland, UK

Panu Korhonen, Nokia Research Center, Finland


Thea Turner, Motorola Labs, USA

ACM SIGCHI Program Director

Erica Johnson, ACM, USA

ACM SIGCHI Vice Chair for Conferences

Michael Tauber, University of Paderborn, Germany

Chief Operations Officer

Heiko Röttinger, clear concepts, Austria

Local Arrangements Liaison

Theresa Muth, Motorola, USA

CHI Communities Liaison

Marilyn Salzman, Salzman Consulting, USA

Publications Liaison

Alan Wexelblat, HOVIR, USA

Reviewers Liaison

Garrett Dworman, Pantheon Consulting, USA

Student Volunteers Co-Chairs

Dan Horn, University of Michigan, USA

Erika Orrick, Code Usable, USA

Technology Support Liaison

Brian Amento, AT&T Labs – Research, USA

Web Liaison

Matt Jones, University of Waikato, New Zealand

Child Care and CHIKids Co-Chairs

Sabrina Liao, University of Maryland, USA

Lieselotte van Leeuwen, University of Sunderland, UK

CHIplace Co-Chairs

Kristina Höök, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Sweden

Martin Svensson, Swedish Institute of Computer Science Sweden

Demonstrations Co-Chairs

Anind Dey, Intel Research, Berkeley, USA

Laurence Nigay, University of Grenoble, France

Design and Usability Co-Chairs

Turkka Keinonen, University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH, Finland

John Rieman, Nokia Mobile Phones, Finland

Development Consortium Co-Chair

Nico Macdonald, Spy, UK

Doctoral Consortium Co-Chair

Steve Draper, University of Glasgow, UK

Interactionary Co-Chairs

Michael Atyeo, Neo Insight, Canada

Alex Little, Tivoli Systems, USA

Mentoring Co-Chairs

Michael Muller, IBM Research, USA

M. Angela Sasse, University College London, UK

Panels Co-Chairs

Eric Bergman, Sun Microsystems, USA

Arnie Lund, Sapient, USA

Papers Co-Chairs

Victoria Bellotti, Palo Alto Research Center, USA

Tom Erickson, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, USA

Short Talks & Interactive Posters Co-Chairs

Staffan Björk, PLAY, Interactive Institute, Sweden

Jan Gulliksen, Uppsala University, Sweden

Special Area Chair – e-learning

Lisa Neal, EDS, USA

Special Area Chair – Emotion

Jodi Forlizzi, Carnegie Mellon University HCII and School of Design, USA

Special Area Chair – Mass Communication and Interaction

Nico Macdonald, Spy, UK

Special Interest Groups Co-Chairs

Rolf Molich, DialogDesign, Denmark

Carolyn Snyder, Snyder Consulting, USA

Student Posters Co-Chairs

Penny Collings, University of Canberra, Australia

Raquel Oliveira Prates, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tutorials Co-Chairs

Andreas Girgensohn, FX Palo Alto Laboratory, USA

Alison Lee, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, USA

Workshops Co-Chairs

Jonathan Lazar, Towson University, USA

Kumiyo Nakakoji, University of Tokyo, Japan

Staff Logistics – CHI Office

Amanda Snow

Jennifer Miklos

Karen Lee

Staff Program and Education – CHI Office

Maralynn Kearney

Sarah Grigg

Financial Services – CHI Office

Alan Leyva

Joe Erdmann

Publications Design

Dale Horstman, Process 39

Publicity Coordinator

Rosemary W. Stevens, Ace Public Relations, USA


Carole Mann, Registration Systems Lab, USA

Sponsorship Coordinator

Carol Klyver, Foundations of Excellence, USA

Web Site

Alfred Speredelozzi, Diamond Bullet Design, USA

Electronic Submission and Review Website

James Stewart, Precision Conference Solutions, Canada

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