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CHI 2002 Details

CHI 2002 was held from April 20-25 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Table of Contents


Conference & Technical Program Co-Chairs

Loren Terveen, AT&T Labs – Research, USA

Dennis Wixon, Microsoft Corporation, USA


Alan Edwards, USA

ACM SIGCHI Program Director

Erica Johnson, ACM, USA

Conference Manager

Paul Henning, Conference & Logistics Consultants, USA

CHIkids Co-Chairs

Allison Druin, University of Maryland, USA

Sabrina Liao,, Taiwan

Demonstrations Co-Chairs

Garett Dworman, Ejemoni, Inc., USA

G. Bowden Wise, General Electric Corporate Research & Development, USA

Development Consortium Co-Chairs

Jacques Hugo, Usability Sciences Associates, South Africa

Theo Bothma, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Doctoral Consortium Chair

Gary Olson, University of Michigan, USA

Mentoring Co-Chairs

Michael Muller, Lotus Development Corporation, USA

Marilyn Tremaine, Rutgers University, USA

Panels Co-Chairs

Alan Wexelblat, HOVIR, USA

Gene Golovchinsky, FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Inc., USA

Papers Co-Chairs

Elizabeth Comstock, PictureTel Corporation, USA

M. Angela Sasse, University College London, UK

Practitioners Special Track

John Karat, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA

Extended Interactionary

Dave Roberts, IBM Ease of Use, UK

Joseph Kramer, IBM Research, USA

Interaction Design Portfolios

Raghu Kolli, Meru Research, The Netherlands

Usability In Practice

Janice Rohn, Siebel Systems, USA

Short Talks & Interactive Posters Co-Chairs

Marilyn Salzman, Salzman Consulting, USA

Tom Gross, GMD-FIT, Germany

Special Area Co-Chairs – Online Interactions

Alison Lee, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA

Andreas Girgensohn, FX Palo Alto Laboratory, USA

Special Area Chair – 20 Years of CHI

John C Thomas, IBM Research Hawthorne, USA

Special Area Chair – Transforming Technologies

Chris Schmandt, MIT Media Lab, USA

Special Interest Groups Co-Chairs

Birgit Bomsdorf, University of Hagen, Germany

Jill Drury, MITRE Corporation, USA

Student Posters Co-Chairs

Ronald Laurids Boring, Carleton University, Canada

Sharon McDonald, University of Sunderland, UK

Student Volunteers Co-Chairs

Adrienne Warmack, Yahoo! Inc., USA

Christian Rohrer, Yahoo! Inc., USA

Tutorials Co-Chairs

Michael Atwood, Drexel University, USA

Kumiyo Nakakoji , SRA Key Technology Laboratory & Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Workshops Co-Chairs

Mary Czerwinski, Microsoft Research, USA

Chris Johnson, University of Glasgow, Scotland

Technology Support Liaison

Brian Amento, AT&T Labs – Research, USA

Local Activities

Joseph Konstan, University of Minnesota, USA

Reviewer Liaison

Keith Instone, Usable Web, USA

Conference Administration

Janelle Higgins Wikes, Conference & Logistics Consultants, USA

Publications and Publicity

Jean Tullier, BlueWater Agency, Ltd., USA


Carol Klyver, Foundations of Excellence, USA

European Publicity

Margitta Kreidler, Gsam, Germany

Alfred Speredelozzi, Diamond Bullet Design, USA


Carole Mann, Registration Systems Lab, USA

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