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CHI 1997 Details

CHI 1997 was held from March 22-27 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Table of Contents


Conference Co-Chairs

Alan Edwards, Unisys

Steven Pemberton, CWI

Technical Program Co-Chairs

Jenny Preece, University of Maryland

Mary Beth Rosson, Virginia Tech

Technology Support

Rodney Fuller, Bellcore


Pia Nielsen, Claremont Graduate School


Scooter Morris, Genentech

ACM Liaison

Diane Darrow, ACM

Demonstrations Chairs

Piyawadee “Noi” Sukaviriya, IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center

Steve Guest, Loughborough University of Technology

Design Briefings Chairs

Thomas Erickson, Apple Computer

Ian L. McClelland, Philips Corporate Design

Development Consortium Chairs

Gerrit van der Veer, Vrije Universiteit and University of Twente

Austin Henderson, Apple Computer

Doctoral Consortium Chairs

Alan MacLean, Rank Xerox Research Centre

Late-Breaking Results and Informal Presentations Chairs

Rachel Bellamy, Apple Computer

Jean Scholtz, Intel

Organization Overviews Chairs

Hirotada Ueda, Hitachi Denshi, Ltd.

Robin Lampert, University of Michigan

Panels Chairs

Ellen Isaacs, SunSoft

John Karat, IBM

Papers Chairs

Colin Ware, University of New Brunswick

Dennis Wixon, Digital Equipment Corporation

Special Interest Groups and Workshops Chairs

Rhona Charron, MPR Teltech Ltd.

Mark Leonard, Hewlett-Packard

Technical Notes Chairs

Rachel Bellamy, Apple Computer

Jean Scholtz, Intel

Tutorials Chairs

James A. Larson, Intel

Ellen Francik, Pacific Bell

Videos Chairs

Victoria Bellotti, Apple Computer

Paul Dourish, Apple Computer

A/V Chairs

Eileen Kupstas, University of North Carolina

Accompanying Persons and Local Arrangements Chairs

Kipp Jones, Harbinger Net Services

Childcare/CHIkids Chairs

Allison Druin, University of New Mexico

Computing Support Chairs

Hans de Graaf, University of Delft

Exhibits Chairs

Jenny Smith, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Industry Liaison

Cathleen Wharton, US WEST Advanced Technologies

Ian L. McClelland, Philips Corporate Design

Hypermedia Support

Eddy Boeve, General Design

Peter Boersma, General Design

Student Volunteers Chairs

Henk de Bruijn, Nationale Nederlanden

Petra Emanuelsson, Cambridge Technology Partners

Conference Management

Paul Henning, Conference and Logistics Consultants

Conference Administrator

Borysa Struk, Conference and Logistics Consultants

Public Relations

Rosemary Wick Stevens, Ace Public Relations

Graphic Design

Mo Viele, Mo Viele, Inc.


Debbie Hall, Meeting Hall, Inc.

Registration Contractor

Carole Mann, Registration Systems Lab

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