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We are building out (with your help) this Community page for sharing information and updates relevant to all of SIGCHI. The content below is community-sourced, and a work in progress, so please contribute! The Events Calendar details events that are taking place virtually and have informed us that they welcome public attendance. The Holidays Calendar indicates which holidays our members would like organizers of events, SIGCHI or otherwise, to take into account when planning event dates and deadlines. The Voices of SIGCHI section features stories from members; anyone can contribute! We also include a Call for Proposals below so we can use other resources to support communities that would like to use other platforms.

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Events and Holidays Calendars

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Voices of SIGCHI

More Voices of SIGCHI Posts

Add Your Voice

Voices of SIGCHI represents a series of blog posts on our SIGCHI Medium publication. It is aimed at celebrating the multiple and diverse voices that make up our many communities. Add your voice and contribute a blog post. We welcome stories about events, workshops, conferences, experiences, chapters, people, labs, and more. Take a look at prior contributions to get an idea, or just get in touch.

Call for Proposals

Increasingly, we aim to support our communities in leveraging platforms of their choice, given the plethora of commercial tools (e.g., Zoom, Slack, etc.) that are both easier to maintain and offer more flexibility. For services that are paid, and for other ways in which we can support the wellbeing and sustenance of communities, please consider applying to the SIGCHI Development Fund.

The SIGCHI Development Fund Committee welcomes suggestions regarding how we might serve SIGCHI better, in addition to all of the above. Since the calendars above are fairly new, we also ask that you help us iterate on the design. You can reach us at