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July 2021 Meeting Minutes

SIGCHI Accessibility Committee Minutes

July 13th, 2021


Annuska Zolyomi, Arthur Theil, Dafne “Zuleima” Morgado Ramirez, Desi Ratna Mukti Umpuan, Earl Huff Jr., Erin Buehler, Georg Regal, Maia Naftali, Michael Crabb, Ruolin Wang, Shreya Tadas, Silvia Berenice Fajardo-Flores, Stacy Branham, Xiang Xiao, 


Émeline Brulé, 

Also Present

Neha Kumar, Soraia Preitch

  1. Introductions and Welcome

Welcome was given to the first accessibility committee, goals of the committee were introduced.

  1. Breakout Group Activities

Breakout activities were used to focus on initial goals of the committee focusing on:

  • methods to update and disseminate conference chair guidelines for accessibility,
  • creating and disseminating guidelines for open and accessible EC meetings,
  • assessing SIGCHI conference accessibility,
  • and the development of strategic plans for the future of the accessibility committee
  1. Debrief

A debrief session took place focusing on the topics outlined above. Discussion focused on the need to prioritise goals, ways to reach out to the accessibility community, and how all goals are interlined.

  1. Wrap-Up

Thanks were given to everyone for attending.

  1. Tasks

Members were asked to complete a survey after the meeting regarding the creation of sub teams.