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Committee Members

headshot of Stacy Branham

Stacy Branham, Committee Chair

Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine, USA

Dafne “Zuleima” Morgado Ramirez, Vice Chair

Senior Research Fellow, University College London, UK

headshot of Michael Crabb

Michael Crabb, Vice Chair

Lecturer, University of Dundee, UK

headshot of Annuska Zolyomi

Annuska Zolyomi, Member

Assistant Teaching Professor, University of Washington, Bothell, USA

headshot of Arthur Theil

Arthur Theil, Member

Lecturer, Birmingham City University, UK

headshot of Desi Umpuan

Desi Ratna Mukti Umpuan, Member

UX Design Mentor, Apple Developer Academy, Indonesia

A man, bald with a short goatee, wearing a purple shirt and a silver tie.

Earl Huff Jr., Web and Communications Chair

Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

headshot of Emeline Brule

Emeline Brule, Member

Lecturer University of Sussex, UK

headshot of Erin Buehler

Erin Buehler, Member

Senior UX Researcher, Google, USA

headshot of Georg Regal

Georg Regal, Member

Researcher, Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria

Maia Naftali, Member

Industry UX Researcher and Teaching Assistant, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

headshot of Ruolin Wang

Ruolin Wang, Member

Ph.D. Student, University of California, Los Angeles, USA

headshot of Shreya Tadas

Shreya Tadas, Member

Ph.D. Student, University College Dublin, Ireland

headshot of Silvia Berenice Fajardo-Flores

Silvia Berenice Fajardo-Flores, Community Partnerships Chair

Associate Professor, Universidad de Colima, Mexico

headshot of Xiang Xiao

Xiang Xiao, Member

Software Engineer, Google Research, USA