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We seek a future in which people with a diverse range of disabilities can We seek a future in which people with a diverse range of disabilities have equitable access to SIGCHI activities, processes, and systems so they can fully participate within the SIGCHI community—as SIGCHI leaders, volunteers, and members—and more broadly within society as professionals, academics, and students interested in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).


We work closely with the SIGCHI Executive Committee (EC), SIGCHI members, and community partners—particularly those with lived experience of disability and multiply-marginalized disability identities. Together, we identify accessibility barriers and ableist processes, co-develop and implement progressive solutions, and communicate outcomes with our membership. We celebrate collective achievements toward our vision with respect for authorship and acknowledgment of the work that still remains.

How We Work

Our mission, vision, and the way our committee works are captured in our Accessibility Committee Bylaws, ratified by the EC on October 14, 2021. We are committed to transparency and community engagement. We hope to begin hosting open committee meetings and posting our meeting minutes to this webpage. Please check back in mid-2022 for updates.

Want to Know More?

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