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SIGCHI Guidelines on Running a Survey

The following guidelines have been developed to ensure SIGCHI volunteers are in line with the SIGCHI Data Collection, Access, and Use Policy. 

  • When collecting data via a survey, volunteers should choose a platform based on the following criteria:
    • If intended for broad community use, the survey should be on a globally available platform. SurveyMonkey is SIGCHI’s preferred vendor and required if one wishes to archive the data with SIGCHI and fulfills the following criteria:
    • If survey data is to be archived, then SIGCHI will serve as the ACM archivists. The following must then be followed:
      • Use SurveyMonkey for data collection.
      • Transfer ownership of the survey to the SIGCHI VP for Operations. (The VP for Operations can provide editor or viewing access again if needed.)
    • If you do not wish to archive your survey data when you are done, you should delete all copies of the data within 30 days.  You are then no longer permitted to use the collected data in any way.
  • If there are additional requirements (e.g., if your institution requires ethics approval for any data collection even if it is not for research purposes), you should discuss this with the SIGCHI President prior to data collection.
  • All survey reporting should be in aggregate and summarized to respect privacy and anonymization. You should consult the EC or Conference’s SC/GC to ensure compliance before publishing a report.
  • Data licensing (as explained in the SIGCHI Data Collection, Access, and Use Policy) must be decided before survey distribution and disclosed in the survey consent.