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Code of Conduct

This page outlines the official SIGCHI code of conduct, which guides our members’ communications across various venues and platforms, be it online or in-person. Please familiarize yourself with the points below and keep them in mind during your interactions.

✸ The official ACM Code of Conduct and ACM Policy Against Harassment apply across all SIGCHI communications.

✸ As a community, we welcome questions, sharing of experiences, and proposals for solutions related to SIGCHI – so long as that which is shared is not itself discriminatory. Please double check the medium and audience for where your comments will best align with the conversations you’d like to have.

✸ Reconsider what you wish to bring up in conversations, in suitability, in sensitivity. Do you feel prepared for difficult questions/criticisms and know not to take them personally? Do you lack the spoons to further engage? Where a subject or conversation you wish to be part of may be difficult or put you in a vulnerable place you may convey this to our moderators beforehand.

✸ Moderators of our forums have the role of maintaining the purpose of the space. Should any issues or violations arise, moderators will remind you and everyone of the specific code of conduct violated. In case of harassment, discrimination, or problematic content, they will publicly acknowledge the issue, name the violation, and use their judgment on what to do next (be that providing a warning, removing the offending party, or using the moment to educate).

✸ Please keep comments concise where possible. What you have to say is important but we ask you to stay aware of the space you take up. Many voices deserve to be heard.

✸ Please do not post advertisements, spam, or unrelated content. Messages or content that are not suitable will be removed, and members who post them might be removed and banned if deemed necessary.

✸ Do not use, post, or discuss potentially harmful content. If you must, first provide a warning to participants. This includes but is not limited to discriminatory content (racist, sexist, genderist, classist, ableist, etc.) and offensive, stressful materials. Be careful not to share content (phrases, slang, etc.) or references to people or situations that are sensitive in nature (to people of various genders, abilities, ethnicities, religious affiliations, cultures, ages, education levels, economic or political grouping), or that could be interpreted as offensive or unnecessary to communicating your main message. If there are sensitive issues or worries that might arise when sharing, ask yourself why you wish to share it.

✸ We encourage constructive criticism and critique. Be hard on systems and soft on people; in other words, avoid personal attacks as far as possible, and let us collectively find ways to address complaints around systemic issues to be overcome.

✸ Be patient. Show sensitivity to anyone speaking, be kind and be supportive. People’s lived experiences are not for debate; their ideas, policies, and suggestions are. Technical issues, anxiety, and glitches are expected. The lines between these two are not always clear so give one another the benefit of the doubt. Grace, sensitivity, and validation go a long way toward creating community.

✸ Not everyone has access to the bodies, knowledge, or communities that you do. SIGCHI is an internationally accessible, culturally diverse community. Access to education about needs around identity, social justice, and cultural sensitivities are not equal. There are differences between us and material limits that must be respected, even if disagreed with. There may be times when identifying words or phrases are insensitive or just don’t feel right to you. If these issues come up, take each other in good faith and (if you have the capacity) correct the individual. Help in refocusing on the topic of the moment. If you misgender, incorrectly pronounce, or unintentionally discriminate against someone: identify the issue, begin your comment again with the error corrected, and continue.

✸ Please disengage, take a moment to yourself, or ‘tag someone in’ whenever needed.

✸ Alert moderators or organizers if you notice unacceptable behavior. In the event of harassment or discrimination by another, or a potentially dangerous or concerning situation, directly send an email to You can also get in touch with SIGCHI Cares if needed.

✸ You’re all set! Go ahead and play your role in community building 🙌